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How Gel Works

Gel has a edible Product especially attractive to cockroaches.Gel has cascading effect.once some cockroaches eaten the gel they also contaminate other cockroaches thus producing cascading effect throughout the population of coackroaches.This leads to quick eradication.

The gel has no smell.It can be safily applied to sentive areas such as electrical control boxes,kitchen appliances, computer etc.On Which insecticide can not be sprayed.

About 80% of cockroaches die in about one week.The remaining cockroaches are effectively controlled by three take 1/2 hour to treat a flat of about 750 Sq ft.

Get Treat Coackroach Control:

Cockroach control Get treatment is best for household crawling pest cockroaches,ants,spiders,silver fish etc

Gel baits are international accepted as the most effective and convenient way to control coackroaches.wherease the traditional sprays kill the visible cockroaches but may conceal an underlying problem,gel baits are carried back to the main cockroaches population.

The benefits of Gel Treat Coackroach control
  • NO Odor
  • There is no need to clear the area or even cover food
  • Hassle free and safe
  • you can stay at home during the treatment
  • This treatment carried out anytime of the day
  • their is nothimg to move from kitchen
  • Long lasting effect